Our cuisine shouldn’t be categorized; it’s a lot of Thai since we focus on local ingredients but the final product on the plate has so many different influences from different cuisines such as the Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indian, French or Swiss one.

We chose to use more everyday ingredients that people can relate to but completely change their complexion or show how differently they can be used & eaten. At the same time, we also aim to use less known or underutilized local ingredients we receive from our farmers or find at the fresh markets.

We create our menu based on the information we receive related to food allergies or restrictions from our guests who make a reservation in
advance. The menu will usually be announced two days prior to the dinner on our social media pages.

5 course dinner                                                 1800 THB incl. 1 cocktail

7 course dinner                                                 2100 THB incl. 1 cocktail

9 course dinner                                                 2500 THB incl. 1 cocktail

Vegetarian Tastings are also available for groups of minimum 6 people, maximum 12!

6 course vegetarian & vegan dinner               1800 THB inc. 1 cocktail


We offer a selection of natural wines & a short cocktail menu.

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