Our concept is simple!

Bring people together from all walks of life through food. We want to provide an experience for our guests & not just a tasty meal.

Consistency is what great Chefs strive for. We believe consistency is death! We try to be consistent in experience, not in taste. You’re
always headed to the same place, but we have to find new challenges and dangerous ways of getting there to be exciting. As best as we can be, at that moment of time before we evolve and learn again.

One tasting a week,  12 available seats,  one seating only!

Private, intimate but cozy where you can be as casual as you like & enjoy a vibrant meal with your friends or meeting other like-minded diners along the way.

  • We also offer our services for events outside our kitchen, for inquiries please sent us an e-mail to booking@emptyplatesbangkok.com

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